Chiropractor WordPress Theme Documentation

Thank you for purchasing Chiropractor WordPress Theme. This documentation explains the distribution of content and management for the Chiropractor WordPress Theme.

Chiropractor Business Theme installation tutorial

Chiropractor Business Theme demo import video

1. Logo

To add your own Logo you need to visit Appearance-> Customize -> Site Identity.

Watch this short video to learn more (2.13 minutes)

2. Site Navigation

Once you have a few pages created, you can go to Appearance >> Menus and start creating some custom menus for your website. Click the "create a new menu" link, then start adding posts or pages from the left panels.

At the bottom of this page you will find "Menu Settings". At the bottom, you will find Theme Location where you can select the newly created menu for specific theme location like Header menu or Footer nemu. Then hit the save button on the right top area.

Watch this short video to learn more (4.33 minutes)

3. Home Page Customization

We have used Elementor Page builder to build pages. Elementor is very easy to use and you can edit your page visually.

Watch this short video to learn more (2.08 minutes)

4. Footer Widgets

You can update footer widget content from here Appearance >> Widgets. Also for styling the Footer section you need to go Appearance-> Customize -> Footer Settings.

Watch this short video to learn more (3.02 minutes)

5. Footer Copyright

You can update Footer Copyright content from here Appearance >> Customize >> Footer Settings >> Footer Copyright & Credit.

Watch this short video to learn more (1.43 minutes)

6. Footer Credit

You can update Footer Credit content from here Appearance >> Customize >> Footer Settings >> Footer Copyright & Credit. Please watch the video below.

Watch this short video to learn more (1.43 minutes)

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