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  5. Step 5: Getting support. I and my team are working hard to get you the best support and services possible. Just head back to the support center here and choose Support Desk and I will get back to you ASAP.

  6. Step 6: Paid Services? If you ever need any services/customization, I can help you. As an experienced front-end software engineer and product creator, I have in-depth knowledge of how things work so I can work faster and for my clients, I offer my services for only $40/hour. If you can imagine something I can make it happen. From custom website to small bug fixing you name it, I and my team can be your go-to solution :). Click here to contact me now.

  7. Step 6: Need Website Maintainance? You know your business I know about the website. Website is just like a garden and it needs continuous maintenance and it cost you time and effort even sometimes it cost you a lot when you hire someone without any prior knowledge of the technology you are using. If you do not want to invest much time/money in your website maintenance, well, this is the perfect all-inclusive solution for you. I will manage it for you. You will tell me what to do and I will do it (of course it does not comes with making new functionality), I will update content ( the content you provide), and image (you provide the images), make backups, restore the site if something bad happens. So you will have much time to focus on your business. Well, it will cost you only $50/per month/website. You will get 2 hours of work of services each month including free (optional) high-performance hosting for your website. If I need more than 2 hours a month it will cost you $40/hour. I will heads up before I bill you any additional cost. So you will be in control as well of any additional costs. Click here to contact me now.