Why WordPress Considers Dropping Support Internet Explorer 11?

Why WordPress Considers Dropping Support Internet Explorer 11?

Yes, that is true. WordPress Considers Dropping Support Internet Explorer 11 and has declared that as of version 5.6, which was released in December 2020, it would no longer support Internet Explorer 11 (IE11). As a result, WordPress will no longer test its themes or platform with IE11 and may not be able to address issues specific to that browser.

It is important to note that IE11 support has also been discontinued by other companies. Due to its obsolete technology and limited usage, many other websites and software platforms have likewise discontinued supporting Internet Explorer 11.

Why WordPress Considers Dropping Support Internet Explorer?

WordPress has chosen to discontinue support for Internet Explorer 11 for a number of reasons.

  1. First of all, Microsoft no longer maintains or updates the obsolete IE11 browser. Since its first release in 2013, there have been no substantial updates. Because of this, it does not support a lot of current web technologies and standards that WordPress and other websites rely on. So it was obvious that platforms like WordPress considers dropping support explorer.
  2. Second, there has been a sharp fall in IE11 usage in recent years. StatCounter data show that less than 1% of users access the internet with IE11, which has an extremely low market share. Other contemporary browsers with higher usage rates include Microsoft Edge, Mozilla Firefox, and Google Chrome.
  3. Given these factors, it is no longer appropriate for WordPress to invest resources in IE11 testing and support. The business can instead concentrate on enhancing its platform for customers who use more recent browsers.

Although IE11 will no longer receive official support from WordPress, the platform will still function somewhat on that browser. WordPress will not offer any help in fixing any bugs or compatibility issues that users may come across. For the best experience, users are advised to upgrade to a more recent browser.

How WordPress considers dropping support explorer impact end users?

In general, WordPress users are likely to gain from the discontinuation of support for IE11 in a number of ways. For instance:

  1. Better performance: By concentrating on modern browsers, WordPress can benefit from more recent technology and standards that IE11 might not support. This may result in faster page loads and a better user experience overall.
  2. More frequent updates: Since IE11 testing and support don’t require as much time, WordPress can release updates and introduce new features more frequently. This can help users stay on the most recent version of the platform.
  3. Greater protection against online threats: Modern browsers frequently include better security features. WordPress may contribute to ensuring that its customers are better protected against potential vulnerabilities by discontinuing support for IE11.
  4. Developers Benefits: As a WordPress expert I find it difficult to develop for Internet Explorer (IE). This is due to the fact that IE historically featured a number of distinctions and peculiarities from other well-known browsers, which can make it challenging to guarantee that a website or platform functions consistently throughout all browsers. Supporting IE has forced the me and other theme and plugin authors to invest more time and money in testing and troubleshooting problems that are particular to that browser. This has involved fixing layout and display concerns as well as problems with particular plugins and themes being compatible with one another. Definitely it is a relief from my end with the new of  WordPress Considers Dropping Support Internet Explorer 11.

Overall, WordPress considers dropping support internet Explorer is likely to be advantageous to both the WordPress and its users because it will enable it to concentrate on enhancing the platform for modern browsers and give users a better experience.



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