WordPress dash icons, What is it?

WordPress dash icons, What is it?

WordPress dash icons or dashicons refer to a collection of icons used on the WordPress dashboard and various admin pages. The WordPress dashboard and admin pages’ user interface (UI) includes the dash icons as a key component. They give users a visual representation of numerous actions, features, and functions available inside the WordPress platform and can help them understand and navigate the different pages and options available within the dashboard.

The WordPress dash icons can provide the dashboard with a little individuality and design in addition to assisting users in understanding the many features and functionalities of WordPress. WordPress may make the platform’s user interface (UI) more unified and aesthetically acceptable for users by using a set of recognizable, appealing icons throughout.

As a WordPress Theme and Plugin developer, Simply add the appropriate class to an HTML element in your code to use the dashicons wordpress. You may use the following code, for instance, to show the icon for a post:

<div class="dashicons dashicons-admin-post"></div>

How to use WordPress dash icons?

WordPress offers a huge selection of dash icons, each with its own class name. Examples of dash icons and the classes they belong to are as follows:

  • dashicons-admin-post: Icon for posts
  • dashicons-admin-comments: Icon for comments
  • dashicons-admin-users: Icon for users
  • dashicons-admin-tools: Icon for tools
  • dashicons-format-aside: Icon for aside post format
  • Checkout all the dashicons here.

These WordPress dashicons can be used in your WordPress theme or plugin to give your admin pages additional visual appeal and user-friendliness.

It’s important to note that the WordPress dash icons are not visible on the front end of a WordPress website; instead, they are only accessible through the admin and dashboard pages. You can use an alternative icon library or make your own custom icons if you want to use icons on the front end of your website.


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